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Chart an extraordinary course

At United Aviate Academy, your dreams of becoming a pilot have never been more possible. Join our flight training academy and be part of the next generation of highly qualified, talented and diverse professional pilots.

Most direct path to Aviate

Dream of flying but don’t know where to start? United Aviate Academy will help you earn your Private Pilot License and join the Aviate program in as little as three months. Once in the program, you’ll complete training at the United Aviate Academy, build experience with our partners and have the opportunity to transition to a being a pilot at United.

An exciting and financially rewarding career as a pilot awaits you, and it all starts by enrolling at United Aviate Academy

United expects to hire more than 10,000 pilots through the Aviate program over the next decade. Now is the perfect time to build your career and start your journey to the flight deck. As a pilot, no two days will be the same as you:

  • Travel the world and meet incredible people
  • Fly the latest aircraft

Get into Aviate in as little as three months by training at United Aviate Academy

Attend United Aviate Academy to work toward your Private Pilot License (PPL). Once you earn your PPL, you’ll then have the opportunity to be selected for Aviate and be on your way to building a career as a professional pilot.

Clearing skies for your success

We're working to make your dreams possible by removing barriers to entry.

Removing financial barriers

Together United and JPMorgan Chase are offering $2.4 million in financial aid to the best and brightest talent, opening the door to a lucrative career for people who previously didn’t have the opportunity to pursue one. United Aviate Academy is also offering two loan providers, ZuntaFi and Sallie Mae, to make loans available to cover expenses during your time at the academy. We're in the business of breaking down barriers and we want the pilot population — some of the highest paying jobs in the industry — to be open to a much more diverse pool of candidates.

United is partnering with these organizations to offer you scholarships:

These scholarships were made possible by $2.4M in generous contributions from:



In addition, loans will be available from our loan partner, Sallie Mae. Details will be forthcoming.

United, through and through

From your first glimpse into life as a pilot, United Aviate Academy will provide you with a true United experience from the start.

While you're at United Aviate Academy

United Aviate Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Airlines and a part of United’s Aviate program. This means you'll not only be trained to fly, but you will also:

  • Receive career guidance and direction from United Aviate Ambassadors
  • Get a United education from highly trained professionals
  • Get trained at our facility with access to industry-leading resources, equipment, accommodations and a wide variety of flight conditions
  • Start experiencing United's culture and be on the inside track
  • Become a part of a company that is committed to global citizenship by taking an active role in diversity, equity and inclusion, the environment and creating a more sustainable future

... and then in Aviate

You’ll be provided benefits and increased visibility and direction toward your career at United through:

  • A direct path. Aviate participants can transition to United as a First Officer upon successful completion of the Aviate program and hiring requirements
  • Travel privileges. Aviate participants enjoy travel privileges to United destinations around the world
  • Coaching. Aviate participants will have the opportunity to participate in a coaching program and receive mentorship from United pilots
  • Culture. You'll gain deeper connections with our United team, with access to senior leadership, site visits and tours, and an inside look at our inclusive culture

... and at United

Where to find us

United Aviate Academy is located in Goodyear, AZ.

We're not currently offering in-person tours, but you can learn more about our location or take a virtual campus tour below: